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Shrewsbury Real Estate Listings in Massachusetts

This is a flourishing suburban community in eastern central Massachusetts, just 34 miles west of Boston and bordering the beautiful Lake Quinsigamond. The town also rests alongside two of the three Boston Post Road routes (Routes 9 and 20), making for easy access to neighboring cities including Boston, and a thriving commercial district along Route 9. The town is home to 31,640 residents, many of which commute to Worcester, Massachusetts, just five miles to the east, and nearby Farmingham for business. The beautiful Massachusetts town began as an orchard of apple trees and nearly three and a half centuries later, agriculture is still a prevalent business in the town as well as surrounding areas. The town’s economy also depends on the resort industry as well as Educational, Health and Social Services, Manufacturing and Retail Trade. One of Shrewbury’s biggest attractions is its schools. In a recent MCAS English test, 10th grade students scored 14th in nearly 300 school districts! The same students scored 25th in mathematics. The landscape of Shrewsbury is made up of gently rolling hills and small streams, accessorized with new and old growth trees as well as other native fauna. The generous farmland and quaint neighborhoods make for scenic drives throughout. Excellent health care, an extremely low crime rate, affordable housing and access to world-renowned educational facilities and profitable industries of employment make the community the ideal place to live for single professionals, young families and senior citizens alike. Residents enjoy the amenities and conveniences of modern urban life without having to sacrifice personal safety, cultural diversity, cooperative values, or architectural character. It is no wonder why so many people are purchasing homes in the community now, while real estate is still affordable and business is booming. Shrewsbury real estate options consist of single-family detached homes for sale, estate properties and condominiums and townhouses.

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Shrewsbury Real Estate Market - Price Range of Shrewsbury Houses for Sale

Since the 80s, Shrewsbury’s population has grown by nearly 40%. With real estate in nearby Masachusetts towns exceeding a median price of $500,000, it is not surprising that homebuyers are moving in droves to this vibrant lakeside suburb. Shrewsbury real estate boasts a range of homes for sale in architectural styles, from bungalows to historic colonials to modern ranch homes for sale. Most real estate for sale in the area are single-family detached homes. Prices begin from $199,000 - $1.5 million, for a spacious 3-4 bedroom, 2-bath with amenities like multiple fireplaces, hardwood floors and a sundeck all on a large lot in a quiet neighborhood. There is little doubt that whether you are a first time homebuyer or just looking for a lucrative investment, now is the time to buy Shrewsbury real estate for sale.

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